Wednesday, August 25, 2010

dreams for the day...

*savoring one small square from the Dark Chocolate and Orange organic, fair-trade chocolate bar I bought last week...heaven, pure heaven

*chopping veggies (mostly from our garden) to make that spaghetti sauce I was going to make yesterday

*bowling (and sucking at it) with Rich and Gray and Max and Annie

*pigging out on the fresh garden salsa I made yesterday

*hanging out the towels to dry on this picture-perfect summer day

*spending time cleaning up my creative space

*reading fairy tales

*being appreciative


  1. Sounds like the makings of a beautiful day!

  2. Sorry the day wasn't more cooperative...

  3. Staci,
    Yep, and it was. :)

    Oh, it wasn't so bad overall---who could have guessed that everyone would decide bowling was the perfect pastime for the day, huh? We'll just try again another day, right?

  4. LOL..I see bowling didn't work out, huh? Hope the rest of the day went well!! And enjoy that chocolate bar :D

  5. I'm an awful bowler, I can sympathize. You'll have to do Skittles bowling next time - then everyone is awful :D. That's where, you get a bag of Skittles, and you make each color represent a different way of bowling. Example:
    Lemon - Granny Bowl (between the legs)
    Lime - Backwards
    Grape - Left Handed
    Red (what flavor IS the red?) - Using only your feet
    Orange - Bowl while singing loudly

    Then, you pick a skittle each round and have to do that kind of bowling. My sister used to do it, and it's the only way I can look forward to bowling again someday, is to try it...