Tuesday, September 7, 2010

and she's off...

Oh my goodness. Just look at this girl. So many thoughts crowd my mind as I stare at this picture I took this morning...

*I hate that "summer" is over. I hate it. I'll miss you being gone all day.

*But at least you'll only be "gone" for school two days of the week. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays--you'll still be stuck with me. :)

*Unfortunately, that isn't the case with your brothers. And tomorrow when they head off for their first day of school...yeah, I'm going to be a mess inside.

*Since when did 13 look so old?!! I guess it probably always has...but looking at 13 through parental eyes is somehow different.

*I'm so sorry that you're so worried about Chemistry. I'm hoping that after today, you'll be a little more comfortable. You really are going to do just fine, sweetie! I know you are.

*Still, three hours of chem lecture starting at 8:00am is quite a shock to the system, huh?

*I hope you'll call me before your afternoon class starts and let me know how things are going.

*You're so beautiful. 

*I miss you already--though if you were home, you'd still be in bed anyway.  ;)

*I'm proud of you. For so many things. 

*I love you more than words can say.


  1. Annie is taking chem? I loved chem! It sounds as though she might be taking two classes, or is the afternoon one the chem lab? I hope the first day isn't an overwhelming one for her. I also hope that you enjoy your last day of the boys, and that they aren't too nervous about their own first day tomorrow. Hugs to all!

  2. Jean,
    I'm definitely going to have to tell her that you loved chem...maybe that will loosen her up a bit. :) I sure wish her grandpa were still alive--he would have been thrill to help her if she had questions!
    And yes, actually she's taking three classes at MCC this semester--she's got a three hour chem lecture Tues. mornings/three hour lab Thurs. mornings, she's got a three hour German language class Monday nights, and she' got a three hour Honor Seminar class on the topic "the city" Tues. afternoons. And her literature and world history classes will be at home (using Teaching Company courses as our base). I really hope she's not too overwhelmed.
    Thank you, Jean! Love you!

  3. Annie looks so grown up for 13. Mine are 10 but are beginning to look so much older too. I hope she enjoys her new routine. Keep your chin up Debi, I know it is hard.

  4. Awww. She IS beautiful (and so styleish - I LOVE that tote!), and she's totally going to ace chemistry. Hugs to her and to her lovely mom <3

  5. *sniffles* This is just the sweetest post in the world. And she's just such a beautiful girl!!! I love that picture of her so much :) I'm totally with Ana on the stylish front and on her acing chemistry ;) She has nothing to worry about! Oh, and I'm with her on the hugs to both of you all too ;)

  6. Wow, despite the cliche it is so true, they do grow up so fast. A teenager! It is too hard to believe really.

    I remember hating Chemistry in high school and having to rely on my friends to get me through. Then in college I took a Chemisty course and loved it and aced it. It all had to do with the teacher. My high school teacher just didn't reach me like my college prof did. I hope she has a passionate teacher that knows how to really teach. I have no doubt she is brilliant enough to grasp it, it just helps when the person teaching it is talented and engaging.

  7. i liked biology but no way would i do chemistry lol.. she's brave!.. and i love her kitty tote!

  8. Man, oh, man...when did this happen?!?! How did that little girl grow up into such a beautiful, intelligent, brave young lady? Wait, I know...she has two of the most fabulous parents I have ever known. As far as classes go, I am predicting that she will actually like Chemistry a lot. Hang in there, Mama...although the growing up is bittersweet, it means that you are doing your job and helping Annie to become the wonderful person she is destined to be!

  9. oh,hey...I lost you somehow! Subscribing quick before I lose you again

  10. She certainly does look rather grown.
    I know...13 looks so old to me,too *sigh*

  11. What a great sounding young lady!! I hate how quickly they grow up!!

    hugs to the mom who was missing her little girl!